Carol Ann Kimble

Cleanse, Release & Heal
through the Subconscious Mind

get out of your own way

Carol Ann Kimble is an Impathic counselor. She has the ability to feel the feelings of others by bonding with their subconscious mind. By doing this, she is able to assist them in releasing any blocks or fear that is within the channel of energy that exists between the conscious and subconscious mind. She calls this ability her “love-energy” gift. Through her one-on-one Sharing sessions, she is able to connect the individual with their God-self or true Beingness to assist them in getting out of their own way!

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Release fear & doubt

One-on-one Sharing sessions allow you to be able to release the fear in your subconscious mind. You will set yourself free to experience life with the benefit of your full potential.
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What to expect

Guidance with:
• Relationships
• Career & Work
• Goals & Directions
• Health & Wellness
• Depression & Grief
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get on with your life

Empower yourself to take full responsibility for your living experience and accept yourself as a creative being who possesses total power of mind to fulfill desires and overcome life’s challenges!
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“I get a natural high anytime someone has a session with Carol Ann because I know from experience what a great blessing it is. I have known Carol Ann for over thirty years and have had a few sessions. I have been so empowered by them and have a much greater understanding of myself and others. The sessions are a private, empowering, wonderful experience that are so helpful, not only at the time you have them but years later. I highly recommend giving yourself the gift of truth from Carol Ann. In addition, Carol Ann’s books are timeless. I also highly recommend giving yourself the gift of these empowering books. I have read them several times and each time I am amazed at the simple truth and love. Carol Ann lives what she writes about. She is inspiring and beyond! I know that I am blessed to be a part of all the love that she shares. Thank you Carol Ann!”

~ Sally Ferry, Grand Junction, CO

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“If you are craving insight into your inner Being, more clarity about your life, more clarity about your choices and your path, I highly recommend a Sharing session with Carol Ann Kimble!

Carol Ann truly is an extraordinary woman with a gift which keeps growing and expanding.

In some mysterious manner, deep healing can happen through your session with Carol Ann. I have benefited greatly from my Sharing sessions and so have the numerous people I have referred to her.”

~ Laura Rose Gatley, Lake Tahoe, CA

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have a love-energy gift that allows me to connect with your life energy through your subconscious mind. Because I connect my love-energy with your energy, we are able to release the fear. Love is the absence of fear.
No this is not “typical” therapy.

I do 90% of the talking because I already know how you feel. We begin with what’s going on with you right now.
Only if you want to but it is not necessary.
With your permission, I will bond with your subconscious mind.
Fear that interferes with you expressing and experiencing with your full potential is stored in the subconscious mind. During the Sharing session, I release the fear so you can overcome challenges you face and fulfill your own desires.
Fear of danger and physical threats is stored in the conscious mind. The fear I am referring to is fear of inadequacy, fear of rejection and fear of the unknown. These are stored in the subconscious mind. These fears take away your purpose and joy.
No, it is easy and natural for me. It is like talking to a friend who knows everything about you.
“Bad” is a judgement that will not be felt during the session. Whatever is there within your subconscious mind will be understood. If there is fear, it can be released.
No, one session is normally all you will need. Of course, many people have more than one session because they find it keeps them on course and it simply feels good.
Typically a minimum of two hours but can last longer, depending on what’s going on with the individual.
I record them so you can review the information as often as you would like to help you stay connected to your God-self.
Yes, it is life changing!
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